Hello, I AmSandeep Parashar

I'm currently working as a Head of User Experience at CoinTribe, building an online lending marketplace to solve the complexity of loan taking process.
It has been more than 12 years being a part of internet consumer industry by learning new things every day and making millions of users life impactful by building useful and usable products.
I've worked with various consumer internet giants like Naspers (MIH Group), Tencent and Mangrove Partners. During my tenure, I helped them achieving massive growth in products by solving complex user-facing problems, also retaining and acquiring users for Indian and global markets. I've also got the opportunity to work in more than 10 internet domains like #fintech, #travel, #e-commerce, #instant messaging, #digital payments, #health, #advertising, #social marketplace, #gaming, #photos and #videos.
I'm also a Certified Usability Analyst TM from Human Factors International and specialized in User-Centered Design, User Research, Information Architecture, Defining User Personas, Writing Scenarios & Use-Cases, Task Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Practical Usability Testing and User Interface Design.

Whom I have worked with?

I've been very fortunate to work with these brands and helped in building million $ products.

  • Naspers
  • Tencent
  • ibibo Group
  • Mangrove
  • Dalmia Bharat Group
  • Nimbuzz.com
  • goibibo.com
  • tradus.in
  • nimbuzzout.com
  • cointribe.com
  • payumoney.com
  • ibibo Games
  • Nworld
  • Ncarry

How I exploit my knowledge?

I'm helping corporates and start-ups to adopt User-Centeric Design approach.

MY WORKCase Studies

Case studies are highly invaluable, it gives you the complete outlook of "how a problem meets to the solution" and what approach has been taken to find that solution.

I'm busy with completing my new project's case studies. Take a glimpse of the recently published case study and other live projects.

My Process : User-Centered Design

  • What is the problem? Who are the users? and what are the goals?
  • Generate new ideas for potential solutions. Sketching concepts and testing with users. Test
  • Refine final solution into pixel perfection. Live
  • Measure ROI, users journey and behaviour analysis, iterate designs and sprint planning.
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Recent Projects

  • Case Study
  • Case Study
  • iPhone App     Android App
  • Android App
  • Case Study     Live Website
  • Case Study     Live Website
  • Case Study     Live Website

BOOKS, I HAVE EARNEDA Million $ Treasure of Knowledge

"A person earns infinite years of knowledge by reading a book in his life."

Here, I am sharing some of my highly recommended books to earn million $ knowledge.

CONTACT MEWant to Say Hello?

I’m always looking for new challenges and opportunities, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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